Write because you’re curious.

Write to capture what you think and read what you feel.

Write to escape velocity at your own pace, on your own time.

Write to be a mirror and decide what prose to reflect.

Write to find your voice.

Write because you recognize the struggle it requires.

Write to have moments of agitation and clarity, knowing that they are short-lived. That is, until the next time you write, to steer toward experiencing them again.

• • •

In 2010, I considered writing a book. I am grateful to report that it is now all coming together. The book would not have been possible without my co-writer, Stephanie. Not only did I not want to tackle this project solo, but I believe that it’s healthy to incorporate another like-minded perspective, and more by our editor and illustrator. The state of this book project ultimately owes its experience to the subatomic dust that gave birth to writing.

The book is not yet available. When it is, hopefully soon, details will be announced on this blog. In the meantime, I have begun sharing about the process, and the connections it sparks.

• • •

This blog post stems from a previous piece called “Why you want to write,” originally published on April 3, and available as a download. It was posted on a former blog that I deleted, having been compelled by a website owner who stated a domain-name address overlap. This blog is an opportunity to reset, with thanksgiving and vigorous hope.

• • •

This blog post was lovingly made with Draft.


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