Vote on the book cover design for “Broken”

I’ve been making a book about something that consumes our lives—work. Turning work into a satisfying experience is a daily struggle, and this book is a wholehearted attempt to help address this challenge. Thankfully, the book-making process is in a state when thoughts can also be directed toward how the cover could look like.

My awesome collaborator, Stephanie Di Biase, and I have been playing with some ideas for our book’s cover. Here are four concepts. Which direction has your vote?

Concept A with illustration by Lucy Engelman

Concept B with illustration by Stephanie Di Biase

Concept C

Concept D

We are also still locking down the tagline, which includes:

  • Takes on how to deal with the circus called work
  • How to survive and thrive the circus called work
  • Coping and thriving in the circus called work
  • Turning your experience of work into a resilient smile
  • Because work doesn’t need to be a four-letter word

If you have another tagline in mind, please submit it as a comment to this blog post.

We’re hard at work (pun intended) on getting our book into excellent shape. If you want to know when it will be available, leave this comment: Yes, for damn sure, I want this book. You’ll receive an email when the announcement is ready to be sent. Or: subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter: @designfeast.

Thanks and stay tuned.


27 thoughts on “Vote on the book cover design for “Broken”

  1. I voted for B, but I would change the color to a pale yellow and replace the Bird with a worker Bee. Keep the wind up key, but break it or crack it. Also “Lessons on how to deal with and thrive in the circus that is work”. Just some thoughts from a Makeshifter. Love the idea. Hells yes! I will buy this a couple times and give it out as gifts.

  2. Yes, for damn sure, I want this book.

    Choice B is very nice: love the last names and the ampersand of white. I love the pigeon, but I am gravitating towards the broken winder idea. #my2cent (yep, singular)

    can. not. wait.

  3. I voted for C because I like the visual representation of “Broken” but I also really like the red cover of B, which caught my eye. I think John’s idea of changing the icon to a bee is a great suggestions too. Maybe you might consider both… but that might just be too broken! 🙂 Looking fwd to reading the book!

  4. I think B is the strongest design, although the imagery (bird) isn’t totally clear. I agree that having a broken winder might help. Also, the red is a bit harsh, which makes sense for being broken, but might be too hard to read. Maybe play with that color a bit! And I love John’s tagline as well, “Lessons on how to deal with and thrive in the circus that is work.” Good luck with the book! I look forward to reading it.

  5. All of these are great! I like concept A because it has a bit of a sense of humor. It seems to fit well with the word circus, whereas the other concepts seem more serious. They almost feel like a murder mystery.

    Just my two cents.


  6. I voted B! About the title and sub-title: I’m not clear on what the title means in the context of a book about work. Seems a little negative and memoir-y. If I saw this in a store I would think it was something like this: or this:
    And I like the recommended tagline above, but I’d tighten it up: “How to thrive in the circus that is work.”

  7. I got a chuckle out of A, my first choice, but like the title proportions in B, which is punchier and eye-catching from a distance. I also like taglines that have a swiftness and musical rhythm to it. I think the last tagline, “Because work doesn’t need to be a four-letter word” would pair well with the first cover. Definitely looking forward to the book!

  8. Loving the black white and read. I prefer the layouts of the A and B. The addition of imagery makes them more appealing to me. I’m not quite sure I understand the pigeon in B…not sure what the reference is here. It also reminds me a bit of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time cover probably because of the red and white and animal silhouette. Best of luck with everything. Let’s finish strong team!

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