I created this blog to share experiences related to a particular book that I wanted to write in 2010. Not wanting to write it alone, I pitched it to a colleague, Stephanie of Ways and Means, to help see my idea through. Our book has been written and rewritten, edited and re-edited. Now the prose is in a satisfyingly finished state.

My primary blogging goal is to focus on writing—the what, why, how, and where. Writing is a process of thanksgiving—thankful for going through the making of a book, for having a co-writer, an editor, and an illustrator. Thankful to start sharing aspects of this experience toward seeing this completed book for the first time. Other blogging topics may include interests related to creative culture.

The blog’s name is an anagram of the Latin phrase “Carpe diem,” popularly translated as “Seize the day.” Acme means the highest point of a thing expressed. It is also the name of the fictional company Acme Corporation of cartoons.

Thank you for visiting and please return. Here’s to creative heights (Acme) by working your way (Pride).

Strength and Honor,


If you have a good impression of this website, I welcome you to explore my other long-as-I-can-sustain-them efforts elsewhere on the web:

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    • Thanks, James, for your questions. The book is nonfiction. Currently working on the typographic design and honing in on final illustrations, in addition to promotional matters. Lots of parts to consider and re-consider. Been wondering about published formats (papeback, PDF, ebook) based on examples collected so far. There’s a pattern. Will see if this is matched or followed with adjustments.

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